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outside my window
QUICKcam - pointing south

inside the window
ZOOMcam - pointed east out the window
If the Cam images don't change - you are seeing the last piture (sic) your browser has cached,
the Cam software is stuck (again), or you are seeing an archive sequence of pictures...
Try holding down the Shift Key and click on the "Reload" or the "Refresh" button in your browser window.
main screen
the Original CLUTTERcam - since 1995
This desk has been blown up.
Here We are.

This page refreshes all by itself every eight eight seconds.

If a camera computer is off (it happens sometimes) you may see a archive sequence of pictures - that will give the absolute impression that I am actually here getting snapped. Or you will see the last picture that was taken when the camera was on. You decide - is it LIVE or is it ARVCHIVE?

The image will always be G-rated. If you want something else, go somewhere else.

Selected Archive of ClutterCam pix